People and Business Solutions

BDO People and Business Solutions aims to lead the optimisation of individual and business performance. Our global platform, professional consultants and leading-edge systems allow us to provide tailored interventions to maximise our clients’ competitive advantage and reduce human capital risks. We offer a range of outsourcing, optimisation and advisory solutions which, coupled with our commitment to delivering exceptional service, provides a quality intervention. Our qualified and experienced psychometrists, industrial psychologists, labour specialists and risk management consultants have extensive industry experience and expertise across a wide range of organisations and therefore understand the people, business, legislative and risk factors.

Our human resource service offering encompasses in these areas:

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Organisational Design Business Process Optimisation Role Analysis and Profiling Competency Framework Talent Mobility and Management Performance Management Training and Development Leadership Development Assessment Solutions People Analytics Organisational Analytics IR and ER Consulting Policies and Procedures Human Capital Compliance Merger and Acquisition Optimisation Human Capital Strategy Solutions Remuneration and Benchmarking Talent Acquisition Human Capital Retainer HR Information Systems Global Outsourcing Solutions Outsourced Employment Solutions


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