Strategic And Development Advisory

Our strategic advisers help our clients to make effective decisions. We do this by listening to our clients to obtain a deep understanding of their problem(s) and developing bespoke and realistic solutions.

At BDO, we believe in collaboration and that the best outcome is achieved if we work with our clients rather than for them, so that when we step away, the solution is seamlessly integrated into our client’s environment.

Value added approach to problem solving

Our strong research capability combined with our analytical, interpretive and strategic thinking skills and sector knowledge firmly position us as business advisers who provide a value-added approach to problem solving. We understand markets, sectors, organisations and the research required to inform the decision-making process for any client.

Value added delivery model

Holistic services approach

Our strategic advisers provide a range of services for both public and private sector and work from a destination/country level down to a project level.

We work not only in South Africa but where our clients are or want to be located, particularly across sub-Saharan Africa.

Strategic Development Advisory - Multidimensional Services


Holistic Range of Services

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