• The Decisions We Can Assist you With

The Decisions We Can Assist you With

Our professional advisory team are organised into the following service lines:

  • Wealth Advisors
  • Cash Management
  • Legal Advisers
  • Employee Benefits
  • Healthcare

  • Estate Administrations

I want to make my money grow, I want to save, how do I plan for my retirement and make sure I can keep living the way I do, how can I do that?


You need a Lifestyle Financial Plan


I just sold my business and have a lot of extra money, how do I pay less tax and what can I do with the surplus?


You need wealth management advice on the financial relationship between your business assets, your lifestyle and having enough money to live out your living years


After I am gone I need to make sure my family is protected, my assets go to where I want them to. But who will do my will or manage my trust and how does it all work? Will my executor know how to wind up my estate?


You need an Estate Administrator who can act as an agent to The executor, assist with Estate Planning, prepare wills and administer trusts

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How do I make sure my business assets go to the correct person, how do I protect my hard work and make sure my family are protected should anything happen to me?


You need legal advice on your business succession plan, family trusts, and estate planning assistance with guidance on business partners’ and shareholders’ insurance


I want to be an employer of choice and make sure I have attracted the best people, but how do I do that without giving them more money?


You need a Corporate Employee Benefit consultation to address:

  • Retirement Benefits
  • Life and disability insurance benefits
  • Employee financial well-being
  • Healthcare – medical aid benefits
  • Formation and/or revision of pension, provident and group benefits



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