We serve many different clients in many different ways


As a business leader, you are faced with a myriad of opportunities and challenges each day. No matter the size of your organisation, one day you will be dealing with people issues, and the next, considering a merger with another company. With the day to day running of your organisation, issues such as transformation, technology, sustainability, legal and regulatory and profitability are all important and all-encompassing.

As one of the world’s largest accounting and consulting networks, BDO helps a diverse range of clients with different needs. Our Advisory team is structured to provide a broad range of specialist services, backed by years of experience and expertise: from Risk Advisory and Forensics to Management and Technology Advisory, we deliver insightful, innovative solutions to bring clarity to your business challenges – no matter the task, no matter the need.

As a part of the global BDO organisation, we work with colleagues from over 165 countries to bring additional expertise and experience to multi-national clients.

In response to the global Covid-19 pandemic, BDO developed the Rethink Framework to provide guidance to business leaders at each key stage of a black swan event. Linked to this, our 7p tool is a survey aimed at assisting clients realise what next steps need to be taken to adapt to the new reality and way of working. It will help both you and BDO’s professionals better understand how businesses are adapting to the challenges brought about by the global health crisis, by redefining priorities.