Legal Advice

Legal Advice

Your BDO legal adviser works alongside our financial planning team to give you trustworthy advice on legal matters in your personal and professional financial decisions.


When we die, we want our money and assets to go to the right people. The best way to make sure this happens is by having a will. Let us help you plan for your family’s future. We coach you through possible scenarios that could have an impact on the way your wealth is managed and distributed after death, while minimising estate duty, overseeing the transfer of wealth across generations, and managing your income tax requirements.

Your experienced legal adviser can draft your traditional and living wills to capture your wishes and appoint your guardians and executors.


No two trusts are the same. Every trust is uniquely designed according to your needs, and the way the trust will be run depends on the wording of the trust deed. Our legal advisers work with your financial planner to guide you and advise on how to establish and revise or amend a trust deed so that it achieves the purposes you hope for.


How do you make sure your business assets go to the right person at a fair value when you die? How can you protect your hard work and make sure your family is provided for if anything happens to you?

Your legal adviser can help with buy-and-sell agreements, business succession plans, co-habitation agreements, business partner and shareholders’ insurance, and more, to give you a sense of security.

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