Corporate Tax Consulting

Corporate Tax Consulting

Tax governance in a digital world

Regulatory requirements are increasing, business and finance modernisation and transformation is commonplace, and tax authorities and boards are demanding that tax risks are effectively managed. In this new business virtual as usual world we help clients build a sustainable tax function for the future. Our approach to managing tax in an organisation combines tax function design, technology, reporting and compliance delivery to help you meet any challenges head-on.

With a wealth of experience in helping companies develop proactive approaches to tax governance we collaborate with CFOs and tax executives to develop a fit-for-purpose tax risk assessment framework and automate processes and controls for managing risks on all taxes. From small to large enterprises our Tax Value Creator™ team can help you:

  • Design a tax function with a tax control framework in three steps
  • Build a tax risk management framework with three lines of defence or five lines of assurance approach
  • Create a vison and embed tax in your organisation with a digital tax strategy and automated tax policy suitable to your tax profile and appetite to risk
  • Implement, automate and workflow formally documented processes and controls for managing tax risks across all jurisdictions
  • Create a process to effectively monitor, prioritise, and report tax risk
  • Automate transparency reporting and disclosure with our Total Tax Value approach

Total Tax Value transparency, reporting and disclosure

Tax transparency requires a focus on clarity and a broader look at tax strategy, risk management and the wider impact of all taxes. We help you to identify your stakeholders for tax and explore the specifics of their interest in your tax disclosures, the approach that you should take and articulate your tax transparency or consider what disclosures would help to create tax value for your business.

What is your total tax value created, in addition to corporation tax? Companies pay many other taxes in addition to corporation tax but often there is little visibility over the other taxes borne or collected. Taxes and other contributions to governments that companies pay are an important Corporate Social Responsibility contribution to the creation of prosperity in societies in which companies operate. Our Tax Value Creator™ provides an automated approach and methodology, which is supported by a technology platform for organisations to measure, report and communicate their Total Tax Value that they pay. We can help you to identify, manage, extract, analyse, report and communicate your Total Tax Value.

Tax performance engineering

The demands on tax functions and its deliverables have become increasingly challenging to manage. Complexities in accounting for taxes under IFRS (IAS 12) and IFRIC 23 are compounded by ever-increasing regulatory reporting requirements, data and disclosure challenges, and pressure to minimize variances between tax planning, tax provisioning, and the final tax filings with SARS or other tax administrations.

Tax Value Creator™, our leading practice platform to manage tax. combines tax function and operating model design, technology, compliance delivery, governance, reporting and transparency into a fully automated solution to help you understand and meet the challenges of the tax landscape head-on.

Tax analytics and automation

As business data grows in both volume and complexity, determining how to use it to manage tax value, control tax costs and improve processes or drive efficiencies becomes increasingly challenging.

Tax Value Creator™ helps clients of all sizes automate and optimise their business processes. By leveraging technologies to execute routine tasks, employees at all levels can share and analyse data more easily, allowing the tax function to focus on creating sound strategies and explain tax results to non-tax users within the organisation.

Tax technology implementation and optimisation

Develop your tax technology foundation: no data gathering and preparation, fewer spreadsheets, increased speed and accuracy. Our resources will assist you with the selection, implementation and optimisation of tax technology including tax provision, compliance, transfer pricing, employment tax and indirect tax automation.

We offer a fully customised approach, tailored to each organisation’s unique tax processes, challenges and requirements. Our professionals start by evaluating current processes and working with your teams to develop optimal fit for purpose processes, before touching the technology. As technology develops and tax regulations evolve, we also provide ongoing support for issues, large and small, for organisations of all sizes and across every industry.

Our team has extensive experience both implementing and optimising solutions from the major third-party tax software vendors:

  • Corptax Provision and Compliance tools
  • Longview Provision, Analytics and Transfer Pricing
  • Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision (HTP) and Tax Reporting Cloud (TRCS)
  • Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Provision and Compliance tools (certified implementer), Indirect Tax/Sabrix, Indirect Tax/Cloud, and Tax Returns
  • Vertex O Series, Q Series, L Series, Cloud, and Returns
  • SOVOS Taxware Enterprise, SUT, and TaxSolver
  • Avalara Avatax and CertCapture

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