• B-BBEE Verification Services

B-BBEE Verification Services

Black economic empowerment continues to be a business imperative and we offer an unparalleled professional, reliable and consistently applied B-BBEE solution to achieve the best possible score, owing to our client-focused team staffed with highly qualified people, supported by specialised processes. Our commitment to consistently apply industry best practice ensures high standards and credible results in the following areas:

  • Verification
    We conduct a thorough audit of an entity’s B-BBEE scorecard in order to verify its contributions and/or performance in each of the 5 elements. A certificate is the final product of this process.
  • Scorecard compilation
    We will compile a preliminary B-BBEE scorecard in preparation for verification, or as part of one of our other services.
  • Scenario planning
    Using a client’s current scorecard as a benchmark or a year-to-date analysis, we plot gaps between the current situation and future ambitions, and suggest various scenarios to achieve this.
  • Consulting and strategy planning
    Our senior technical team can assist in defining specific strategies and helping you to implement these in order to increase a BEE score, keeping in mind return on investment.
    Consulting must occur separately to verification, and we may not verify a scorecard for two years after completing a consulting assignment, in order to remain impartial.
  • Supplier analysis
    Assessing suppliers in order to establish the overall B-BBEE procurement recognition benefit that can be achieved from the procurement element can maximise a BEE score. The process includes contacting suppliers, collecting certificates and calculating procurement flow through recognition.
  • Training
    Our technical experts provide regular public training courses. We’re also able to deliver tailor-made in-house training programmes to suit a client’s needs as a more affordable and targeted solution.

All of our services come with a complimentary needs analysis meeting with one of our skilled representatives – whether face-to-face, on Skype or telephonically.

BDO B-BBEE Verification Services