Our mission and primary function is the prevention and detection of fraud. Our forensic practitioners are frequently obliged to provide testimony in legal forums such as the civil and criminal courts or labour forums.

BDO will assist clients to determine facts, as well as problem areas, and produce remedial plans eliminate areas of risk and exposure. Our actions includes investigations, analysis and assessment of evidence governed by various laws, rules and regulations. A properly executed fraud examination can address the following:

  • Identifying improper conduct
  • Identifying the person/s responsible for improper conduct
  • Stopping fraud
  • Determining the extent of potential liabilities or losses that might exist
  • Helping facilitate the recovery of losses
  • Stopping future losses
  • Strengthening internal control weaknesses

BDO provides value-added services to clients around the world. BDO focus on technical demands, regulatory environment, and industry dynamics to deliver comprehensive, customised, and analytics-driven services for each client.

Veterans of complex, high-stakes litigation, monitorships and investigations involving multinational and multi-jurisdictional issues, BDO's professionals have extensive experience presenting before regulatory, governmental and international arbitration bodies in a concise and relatable manner.

Our teams include CFEs, lawyers, CA (SA) professionals and digital forensics examiners, database specialists, former members of law enforcement and government agencies, fraud examiners and forensic accountants, among other skill sets - our experienced professionals provide value-added solutions to clients around the world. Our forensic technology services practice leverages proven methodologies, as well as innovative and proprietary technologies, to evaluate, analyse, and resolve clients' complex data and information challenges.

We are members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).

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