Fraud Risk Management

Helping your organisation establish and manage fraud risk.

BDO follows the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and, in addition, the ACFE standards and COSO risk management principles to evaluate and remediate enterprise fraud and corruption risks in an organisation. We will provide your organisation with specialists experienced and skilled in enterprise risk management, local and international law, and data analytics to assist your organisation identify, manage, and mitigate fraud risks posed by internal and external factors.

All risk areas in a business differ. The application of our approach for strategic risks will differ from those of operational risks. Some of the most prevalent risks to be considered include business risks (cultural, management, employee, process and transaction issues), financial risks, environmental risks, IT and data risks, ethical risks, reputational, and fraud and corruption risks.

Our fraud risk management follows the five-phase approach, including fraud risk governance, fraud risk assessment, fraud control activities, fraud investigation and corrective action and monitoring activities.