• Post pandemic planning

Post pandemic planning

Enterprises across a range of industries have been forced to drastically reduce their operations and working from outside the office became a norm in a few months.

The lockdown will cause enterprises to go through respond, recover and review phases. We anticipate that smaller enterprises will adopt online operational and logistics services have grown exponentially to the point where they had to limit customers’ ability to use their services (for instance Amazon).

Pressure from the public and the need to get the economy started again push legislators to reopen markets and public areas. Enterprises move into a recover phase. The recover phase will be mired in a constantly changing financial and trade landscape. Government subsidies, mergers and acquisitions, financial restructurings and trade protectionism will make complicate any prediction how enterprises will fare and how the competitive landscape will change. This uncertainty will include conflicting agendas and our service delivery must address the needs of the enterprises.

It is proposed that we prepare to develop our service delivery with a specific aim at:

  • Corruption and related investigations
  • Fraud data analytics
  • Cyber investigations
  • Fraud related investigations
  • Lifestyle audits
  • Probity investigations