Risk Advisory

Risk Advisory

Creating value and achieving strategic and business objectives by managing risk.

“It will never happen to us” Balancing risk while driving success

Change is the only constant and business is being impacted by increased expense through financial, economic, environmental, technological, political and social factors. Managing this change is vital to ensure your business remains relevant and maintains its competitive advantage.

Risk management is an excellent process that allows you to align your strategic goals with operations to ensure you achieve your strategy. Through a process of risk identification and assessment you can identify the relevant controls to mitigate your risk to an acceptable level. Managing risks ensures your risks are mapped to controls and assurance providers thus creating the three lines of defence for your combined assurance model.

When you constantly review your risk management, compliance and governance process, your business is protected and opportunities are created which creates stakeholder value. Businesses that create value balance risk with opportunity. Though it’s important to ask “what are our risks?” it’s also important to ask “Are we taking enough risks – what is the opportunity?”

BDO's Risk Advisory specialists offer global assurance and advisory services for your risk management, compliance, and governance processes. Working with us, you will be able to deliver organisational assurance and value to your Board. We assist in the design and implementation of practical and cost-effective combined assurance models. When it comes to corporate governance, one size doesn’t fit all so we tailor and design a governance framework that meets your needs.

Finally, but just as important, is technology risk. Cyber fraud, security, data privacy, technology digitalisation, and POPIA are all areas that require the support of an expert team. Our specialist technology team will provide your organisation with the support and guidance needed.