IT Governance (King IV) Reviews and COBIT Maturity Assessments

During our IT Governance audits, BDO normally covers the following aspects: 

  • Strategic Alignment. When covering Strategic Alignment, we deal with IT alignment with business strategic objectives – i.e. IT should enable and support the achievement of strategic objectives through the integration of IT strategic plans with business strategic plans and the alignment of IT services with organizational operations to optimize processes.
  • Value Delivery. When covering Value Delivery, we deal with IT’s fulfilment of their value management responsibilities – i.e. that IT-enabled investments achieve the benefits as promised and deliver measurable value, that required capabilities are delivered on time and within budget and that IT services and other IT assets continue to contribute to organizational value.
  • Risk Management. When covering Risk Management, we ensure that appropriate frameworks exist and are aligned with relevant standards to identify, assess, mitigate, manage, communicate and monitor IT-related risk as an integral part of an organization’s governance environment.
  • Resource Management. When covering Resource Management, we ensure that IT has sufficient, competent and capable resources to execute current and future strategic objectives and to keep up with organizational demands by optimizing the investment, use and allocation of IT assets.
  • Performance Measurement. When discussing Performance Measurement, we ensure that organization-supporting IT goals/objectives and measures are established in collaboration with key stakeholders and that measurable targets are set, monitored and evaluated. 

Based on many years’ of experience BDO understands the role that IT and Corporate Governance play to support business strategy achievement. BDO has the experience to translate the theory of governance into practical, daily tasks and responsibilities.  

BDO can also be contracted in an advisory role to advise on or to implement IT Governance frameworks in organisations.