Fully Managed Payroll

Fully Managed Payroll

Payroll is an area where businesses are often unaware of the extent of their responsibilities as well as the risk and potential cost of non-compliance or even short-term failures. The payroll ecosystem is complex and involves several stakeholders, time-critical payments and a group of activities that need to dovetail.

The BSO fully managed outsourced payroll system is designed as an end-to-end one stop service. We utilise latest cloud software run by a team of experienced payroll experts, with systems and managed processes in full compliance with local laws. At BSO you also have oversight by, and access to, specialists who prioritise your business interests, maintain regulatory compliance and stay up to date with changing legislation:

  • Save cost, free up time to focus on core business and productivity
  • Avoid penalties and problems
  • Enhanced security
  • Scalable payroll technology with accounting systems integration
  • Retain continuity of payroll expertise without the costs of maintaining in-house staff and department
  • Integrated admin, tax, accounting, payment, and staff affairs; records, employee tax returns, accounting ledgers

Payroll services and compliance

  • Personal information and records at SARS and Dept. of Labour
  • Local and expatriate salaries, compulsory deductions (UIF, WCA)
  • Processing, withholding, on-time payments
  • Income and payroll tax deductions, IRP 5’s, payslips
  • Tax remittance, forms and declarations, managed SARS and labour affairs
  • Leave management, HR duties
  • Billings, timesheets, expenses
  • Cradle-to-grave human resources outsourcing, optimisation and advisory solutions