Developing An OECD Tax Control Framework

Over the past few years, we have seen heightened challenges as a result of increasingly complex tax compliance and regulatory requirements, magnified often by overly manual and disjointed processes that create tax risk. Businesses are asking for practical ways to gain control and assurance over managing their tax risk, their tax reputation and tax operations. The key objective is to gain assurance over how tax operates across the business and to ensure tax is operating as efficiently as possible. This is achieved by ensuring a best-in-class tax control framework.

Based on our experience of working with global organisations across all industries and headquartered in all continents, we have seen clear value in a consistent approach to enabling enhanced performance over all their tax operations and articulating a clear path to a robust ‘Tax Control Framework’.

Our approach and methodology provides assurance over your global tax operations. This begins with a benchmark of your existing operations to determine quick wins and a clear path to effective global tax operations through better use of resource, enhanced policies and processes, and use of our market leading technology Tax Value Creator™ powered by Vena.


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