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08 February 2008



BDO is Winner of Finance Monthly's Best Tax Firm of the Year in 2015

Our tax services team is equipped to deal with business and personal tax planning, as well as shareholder and owner issues and employment solutions.

We have specialist partners who lead specialist areas with a team committed to ensuring you receive the most up-to-date information relating to your tax needs. We have an in-depth understanding of the issues in a fast-paced business and tax environment. Whether you are a business or an individual, our teams give practical and direct advice, delivering solutions which suit your needs.

Our tax team is highly skilled in providing the full range of tax services to companies, trusts and individuals. Whether you are a business, trustee or private individual, we give practical and direct advice, delivering solutions to help you efficiently and effectively manage your tax affairs.

Tax Consulting:

Our tax specialists are experienced in advising clients on the tax consequences of their arrangements, in comprehensive tax planning and the implementation of the plan.

Our corporate tax consulting team is well versed in advising clients on the following issues which are frequently encountered:

  • Business disposals
  • Business valuations
  • Depreciation allowances
  • Exit planning: minimising tax on selling a business
  • Extraction of profits: maximising after tax returns on extraction of funds
  • Group restructuring
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Dividends tax
  • Share incentive schemes
  • Shareholder and owner issues
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax health checks

We issue written opinions on all income tax, capital gains tax and VAT issues.

For Employees we advise companies on improvement of PAYE management processes by identifying cost saving and planning opportunities. We also help clients with:

  • Registration as an employer for PAYE, UIF and SDL
  • Advice on the duties of an employer in relation to SARS
  • Remuneration structuring
  • Drafting of policy documents
  • General opinions
  • Compliance testing tools and PAYE audits
  • Applications for tax directives
  • Objections and appeals

For private individuals we offer advice on capital gains tax (CGT), personal income tax planning, residence-based taxation issues and estate planning. We specialise in advising high net worth individuals and we also offer a comprehensive β€˜tax health check' which is a must for any individual.

Click here to download our full Tax Consulting brochure

Individual Tax:

Submitting income tax returns and preparation of provisional tax returns can be complex. We help you manage the process and ensure that the SARS deadlines are met to avoid penalties and interest. When dealing with multiple individuals working for the same corporation we ensure consistency in the standard of reporting to avoid queries and corporate embarrassment caused by incorrect disclosure or non-disclosure.

We assist clients in managing their tax risk by providing solutions and advising on the various tax implications when contracts are entered into. Together with our wealth division we look at your asset base and ensure that it is managed for maximum return. We assist with the completion of the income tax returns of family trusts by ensuring that the income allowable is disclosed correctly with the maximum allowable tax savings.

Click here to download our full Individual Tax brochure

Tax Compliance:

Our compliance team will ensure that our clients meet all their legal obligations in relation to completing and submitting their income tax and/or IRP6 returns. We check our clients' income tax assessments and statements of account. We also maintain comprehensive tax records on their behalf and are experienced at lodging objections and appeals with SARS when necessary. We also conduct accrual reviews which are aimed at ensuring fair presentation of the taxation section of a company's annual financial statements.

Click here to download our full Tax Compliance brochure

Africa Desk:

For organisations looking to capture business opportunities provided by other African countries, our team can help you minimise risk and maximise potential. Through our network of member firms and alliance partners that extends to every African country, we are able to identify the latest developments as they would pertain to your business venture.

For more information, please contact James Hourigan on [email protected]

Indirect Tax:

Indirect taxes such as VAT and customs and excise duties increasingly present onerous responsibilities for businesses. Our specialists advise clients on a wide range of indirect taxes regarding all aspects of these taxes including compliance and reporting, dispute resolution and tax planning and implementation. We work with our clients to develop indirect tax strategies that align with their business strategies and we help client's structure governance around the indirect tax function. Other services offered include:

  • Tax opinions
  • Indirect tax risk maps
  • Indirect tax compliance reviews
  • Import/export reviews
  • Outsourcing of the indirect tax management function
  • Process enhancements – VAT automation
  • Supply chain exchange control reviews
  • VAT cash management reviews
  • Reviewing of legal agreements
  • VAT structuring
  • Year-end computation and tax return preparation

Click here to download our full Indirect Tax brochure

Expat Tax:

Effective planning for expats relies on extensive, accessible knowledge of the home and host country tax laws. Compensation packages should be carefully structured to ensure tax efficiency for employer and assignee. BDO has extensive experience in helping companies with their expat tax planning.

Assignment Planning

  • Estimation of package/assignment cost to company
  • Types of compensation to be awarded
  • Tax policy to be adopted
  • Drafting and/or reviewing the client's international assignment policy
  • Tax structuring

Pre-Departure Services

  • Draft/review assignment letter
  • Immigration/Emigration visa processes
  • Relocation Services
  • Tax and HR orientation meetings
  • Follow-up orientation/outstanding matters

Assignment start – payroll initiation

  • Institute payroll processes – home and host countries
  • Host country tax reporting and compliance processes
  • Host country tax orientation meeting

On-going assignment administration

  • Home and host country payrolls/compliance
  • Assignee support and management

Year-end compensation

  • Home/host country data collection
  • Tax return preparation (home/host)
  • Tax equalisation settlement calculations
  • Final hypothetical tax updates

Repatriation/post assignment services

  • Host country tax clearance certificate
  • Repatriation letter
  • Finalise allowances (relocation)
  • Year-end computation and tax return preparation

Click here to download our full Expat brochure

International Tax and Transfer Pricing:

We specialise in international tax planning, the preparation of transfer pricing policy documentation and supporting benchmarking studies, conducting risk reviews and resolving transfer pricing disputes. We also advise on:

  • Cross border transactions
  • Inward and outward investment
  • Investment structures
  • Expansion of business activities into Africa
  • Thin capitalisation
  • Controlled foreign company structures
  • Withholding tax

Click here to download our full Transfer Pricing brochure

Tax Publications:

We produce a range of tax publications to keep our clients abreast of changes to legislation and the implications to companies and individuals. Click here to request to be subscribed to our database.

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