Financial Modelling Services

Financial model audit

Our financial model assurance team supports project finance, acquisition, secondary market transactions and financings across all sectors. Our services are tailored to give clients the right degree of assurance and reliance to support financing, commercial and investment decisions. 

Our clients are typically funders, such as developers or investors bidding for - or seeking to finance - an infrastructure project. We also act for those looking to acquire or sell interests in assets or infrastructure projects. You may also require a model review or audit for a lender, institutional investor or credit agency. 

We have developed particular expertise in the renewables sector, infrastructure finance and public- private partnerships (PPPs). 

Our proven and comprehensive bottom-up ‘all cells’ testing evaluates a model’s structure, data flows and logic. Our top-down analysis includes testing of key risk areas using a range of analytical procedures, including re-performance, proof in totals, trend analysis and sense checking. 

Financial model build

A comprehensive, well-planned and well-built financial model is an essential tool for any business. We have extensive experience of building financial models and overlays for business planning, as well as transactions. The models we build can be dual purpose: relevant to a specific transaction but also usable as an ongoing management forecasting tool. 

Financial models can be complicated. However, we design our models to be easy to navigate, flexible and tailored to your needs. They will give you the confidence that you are making informed decisions and that you fully understand their impact. 

Our approach to financial model building includes:

  • Talking to you in detail about the scope and your requirements to ensure that your model is fit for your specific needs
  • Consulting with you and your wider team to understand the key drivers of the business and the core accounting treatments adopted in the financial statements
  • Ensuring you receive a dynamic design to enable scenarios and sensitivities to be easily considered
  • Providing you with a robust, user-friendly and flexible model, using our established methodology and in line with industry best practice.
  • Performing quality control procedures, including a code review and a quality review.

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