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As digitisation for both consumers and enterprises accelerates, the cost of data breaches are expected to increase to $2.1 trillion globally by 2019, increasing by almost four times the estimated cost of breaches in 2015, according to Juniper Research. And that's just what the experts know.

Cybersecurity is not just a technology issue. A recurring theme throughout modern research, is how vital the human factor is in the fight against cybercrime. People are often the weakest link in preventing cyberattacks or a data breach. Be it finding the right skills and talent to build an organisation’s cybersecurity policy, or raising awareness amongst staff about basic measures they can take to strengthen operations.

African businesses, specifically, find themselves at a crossroads, where they must balance digital transformation with a greater focus on security policies and how to protect customer data. This is not just a big job for businesses, but governments across the Sub-Saharan region carry a heavy burden too - particularly when it comes to data protection.

With Africa's digital economy continuing to scale up rapidly, the need is becoming more apparent for regulation and legislation to match. Approaches to the protection of data are changing across Africa, affecting both the digital privacy of citizens and the obligations of those that hold customer information.

Establishing a regulatory framework that both protects citizens and allows for healthy economic development should be the end goal for many African nations. As in the long run, getting cybersecurity and data protection right will benefit all parties - consumers, businesses and governments alike - which is why now is the time for positive action. Security breaches are commonplace across Africa. An astonishing two thirds of respondents surveyed during 2015 /16 have experienced a security breach in the last 12 months. – Don’t be a statistic.


BDO Risk Advisory Services has partnered with FIDS to develop a Cyber and Forensic Laboratory specifically aimed at assisting clients ensure they are adequately prepared for any cyber attack. We implement sophisticated risk management processes for clients to help them better understand and mitigate the various cyber-related risks to which they are exposed.

We help with:


Managing your Cyber Readiness, Cybercrime, help with Cyber Forensics and provide Cyber Analytics through the following:

  • Make sure you understand all your cyber exposures (Risk Management)
  • Analyse and size potential exposure (Risk Quantification)
  • Determine factors that create, enhance or minimise your cyber exposures (KRIs)
  • Create strategy to address exposures by Treating, Tolerating, Terminating or Transferring the exposure (Insurance)


It is common cause that the legal process is fraught with delays, incompetence, the absence of motivation and, very often, corruption. These factors are “the shifting sands” which undermine legal predictability and therefore the lawyer’s ability to offer both competent and reliable legal advice.

Legal advisors often experience difficulty in gaining access to or gathering necessary and vital evidence; often the product of a cumbersome legal system and, in other cases, simply the produce of plain dishonesty.

We develop concrete practical solutions to legal advisers and their client bases, aimed at:

  • minimising the macro-environmental factors which corrupt and pervert the legal process and the ability to give dependable legal advice.
  • facilitating the legal adviser’s ability to implement that advice on the micro-level for the case at hand.

We offer a distinctive approach which is based on various state of the art service offerings, allowing for you to do what you do best, while we help you bring a new set of value to your clients.


Managing and reporting on the critical information necessary to make timely decisions requires employing best practices in information technology. Reliance on process and control automation is on the rise. Information technology is a strategic asset that needs to be managed; senior management is under intense pressure to accomplish more with their current infrastructure without increasing technology risk.

We help clients achieve balance between reliable performance and continuous improvement by understanding and managing the inherent technology risks in the business and the processes supported by the technology infrastructure. We work with you to identify and prevent the potential risks that may arise when changes are made to services, technology and during business re-engineering.


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