Application and offensive security

At BDO, we specialise in cybersecurity services to ensure the best protection for your digital assets. We focus on leveraging sophisticated techniques to simulate real-world threats, identify vulnerabilities and fortify your organisation's cyber defences. 

Penetration testing: Simulating cyber-attack scenarios

Our penetration testing services replicate potential hacking efforts to understand and reinforce your security framework, as follows:

  • External penetration testing: We meticulously conduct internet-perimeter penetration assessments, popularly known as white hat hacking. Our approach replicates a hacker's perspective, targeting your organisation from the internet – outside the confines of your internal network. Our rigorous manual evaluations cover the entire spectrum of your digital front – from domains and external firewall IPs to NAT ranges
  • Internal penetration testing: Recognising the potential threats once an external barrier is breached, we offer internal security assessments. This service provides an exhaustive review of the security health of your internal network infrastructure, enabling you to bolster defences against insider threats and vulnerabilities that might be exploited, once the external perimeter is compromised
  • Web application penetration testing: With the proliferation of web applications, hackers often find them an attractive entry point, primarily due to inherent security oversights in their design and intricate interfaces. We employ advanced methodologies to scrutinise and enhance the security of your web applications, ensuring they are robust against potential attacks.

Vulnerability assessments: Identifying and mitigating weak points

  • Vulnerability assessment: Software and hardware, given their inherent complexity, can be riddled with vulnerabilities – both known and concealed. These vulnerabilities, especially when layered within interconnected systems, can amplify security risks significantly
  • Patch management assessment: Over time, gaps in patching can develop and these oversight moments can be costly. We utilise specialised software for scanning, detecting and recommending patching solutions, ensuring no vulnerabilities remain unaddressed.
  • Continuous security evaluation: In today's dynamic digital landscape, periodic assessments are not enough. We advocate for consistent, round-the-clock security evaluations. Our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms continually monitor, analyse and report software and hardware configuration vulnerabilities, ensuring your security posture always remains resilient.

Partner with BDO for a holistic cybersecurity approach, where we blend cutting-edge technology with expert insights to safeguard your organisation against evolving cyber threats.

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