Cyber insights and incident response

In today's digital age, the reality is clear: cyber attacks are not just possible: they are inevitable. What sets organisations apart is not just their preventive measures but their preparedness to swiftly and effectively elevate their response to these security incidents. BDO recognises this pivotal shift in approach and is committed to ensuring businesses bounce back with minimal disruption, effectively managing risks and establishing a roadmap for future security resilience. In doing so, we seek to deliver on our value proposition of elevating people, elevating business and elevating society.

Our holistic approach to cyber incident response includes the following key elements:

Professional first responders: BDO takes immense pride in its cadre of expert first responders. Trained meticulously, this team forms the vanguard in any security breach scenario, providing rapid, efficient and experienced intervention, whether in response to external threats or internal compromises.

A comprehensive service suite: We believe in a multi-faceted approach to incident management. Our offerings span:

  • Incident response planning: Introducing tailored strategies to ensure your organisation is primed for a quick and coordinated response to cyber incidents
  • Root-cause analysis: Delving deep to identify the breach's genesis, providing insights beyond mere symptom treatment
  • Remediation: Employing swift actions to contain and mitigate the immediate threats
  • Cybersecurity roadmap: Implementing forward-looking plans, ensuring lessons learned are channelled into building a stronger, more resilient cyber defence.

Specialised response teams: Our cyber response teams act immediately when the alarm bells ring. Specialised in their domains and backed by extensive experience, they are poised to tackle pressing concerns head on. The response action plan involves:

  • Attacker identification: Pinpointing the source and nature of the attack
  • Scope and containment: Assessing the extent of the breach and taking immediate steps to contain its spread
  • Strategy design: Crafting solutions that address the vulnerabilities exposed by the incident, ensuring they are fortified against future threats.

BDO cyber and forensic lab: Our well-regarded cyber and forensic lab stands ready in the unfortunate event of a breach. Staffed by respected industry experts, the lab conducts rigorous cyber forensic audits, diving into the minutiae of the incident and shedding light with critical insights.

In essence, with BDO by your side, you are not just preparing to tackle cyber threats but are ensuring that, should they arise, you have the best in the industry guiding you, while also laying down a clear and secure path for the future.