The BSO Difference

Our name is our promise. Stakeholders in South Africa (banks, financers, insurers, auditors) trust the integrity of our work. When you outsource your financials to BSO you will see that it helps things to happen faster and can save time and money.

We deliver everything a business needs to optimise financial health and performance, minimise risk and to ensure the board and management are prepared for anything!

What’s different about BSO?

It’s a combination of quality and our Outsource promise – Be assured – and how we deliver it.


  • The best systems and software custom designed to meet company needs
  • Accuracy from beginning to end – the devil is definitely in the detail
  • All information captured on time; records updated and available in real time, easy to access from office or on the move; right management decisions

Why choose BSO as your outsource partner?

  • Our teams are trained to optimise efficiency and accuracy
  • Outsourcing time-consuming functions frees management time to focus on core business
  • Access to expert advice
    • Faster to innovate, prepare and manage change
    • Enhanced management, planning
  • Reduced cost of mistakes or non-compliance (e.g. cash-flow issues; tax penalties; labour law violations; legal issues)
  • Reduces HR issues (healthcare; staff; recruitment; management)
  • Doing things right reduces future cost (e.g. of audit); adds savings or increased revenue (e.g. via improved cash-flow) direct to the bottom line

But these days even that’s not enough!

Because in South Africa things change rapidly and the bigger a business gets, the more complex compliance, governance and risk management becomes. No one person can keep up with it all, and it’s become unaffordable for businesses to employ all the skills to cope.

Introducing be assured