The Outsourcing Movement

Who is using outsourcing?

BSO clients include local and international companies, private and family-owned businesses, and small businesses. Outsourcing fulfils a variety of needs:

  • A local businesses gearing for growth, market expansion or export needs expert advice
  • A large SA business that needs solutions or fresh thinking in one or two departments
  • An international operation concerned about regulatory risk needs BSO to manage all their local accounting and financial operations
  • A local business looking for better ways to operate or to recover from unforeseen issues
  • A business heavily impacted by the pandemic and looking for survival and new growth strategies

Because of this diversity our offering is usually bespoke, and the scope of our work tends to grow as the benefits are realised.

How to use outsourcing

Some of our clients prefer to outsource everything to us. Others choose a hybrid model where functions that require deep understanding of core business are kept in-house, and the rest are outsourced to us:

  • Integrated turnkey total outsource. Here our teams work within client’s local structures and management, then we report and advise together to the local or international company head office
  • Outsource integrated as needed. Our teams deliver ad-hoc services through the year, accounting support at month or year end, assistance and advice for more complex matters

Two in five companies look to outsourcing as the new business tool to manage the after-effects of change and survival issues in their business economy.

What type of work should you outsource?

  • Where routines are diverting management time and attention
  • For compliance tasks that do not require a unique understanding of your business
  • For tasks across different departments where compliance issues require continuity
  • When you need specialised knowledge immediately and don’t have time to prepare or train your staff (e.g. to adapt to new regulations; in an emergency; when key staff are away and you need someone to fill in for a few months)

Whatever your need, BSO’s focus is on cost saving, improving efficiency and optimising systems. So our initial approach is to help identify the areas where we can add value, then customise services to deliver.

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