Outsourcing Solutions

Our outsourced employment solutions provide a comprehensive evaluation of your business requirements and strategic focus, which we use to development of a comprehensive human resource strategy that ensures optimal people and business enablement and performance.

We understand the importance of selecting the right person to fit the role in your organisation so we work with clients to design talent acquisition strategies, manage their acquisition pipeline and then mitigate risks associated with employing new people.

As a business partner and strategic contributor, our human capital outsourcing solutions aim to support and develop your Human Capital function to achieve organisational goals. We will work with you to design and manage your company’s human capital strategy, focusing on the following core services:

  • Talent acquisition to onboard suitable talent. We will help you with Talent Acquisition Strategies, Acquisition Pipeline Management and Risk Verification.
  • Human capital retainer solutions provide specialised and skilled people and business optimisation services, so that you experience the benefit of sound human capital services without the risk and financial obligation of employing a permanent person in this position.
  • Human resource information systems (HRIS) facilitate the effective management of human resources, business activities and data.
  • Global outsourcing solutions through our BDO network of offices in over 160 countries.
  • Outsourced employment solutions to achieve your objective of a leaner operation while ensuring your have the right people to help you with optimal business performance.
  • Human Capital business unit start-ups – we will assist you develop this essential function in your organisation.

Why you should outsource your human capital requirements:

  1. Improved quality of human capital service delivery
  2. Reduced cost of ensuring a full human capital function
  3. Best practice replication
  4. Human capital risk mitigation and management
  5. Professional and experienced advocacy and consulting
  6. Flexible and practical human capital support
  7. Better utilisation of in-house human capital business partners
  8. Enhanced credibility of the human capital function
  9. Objectivity in providing specialised human capital solutions
  10. Support from the BDO Global network

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