Threat management and response

In our ever-evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity stands at the forefront of priorities for organisations across the board, whether in the public or private sectors. Recognising the gravity and complexity of the task, many companies are turning to expert managed security services providers (MSSP). These providers assure top-tier security and offer significant cost benefits, enabling businesses to direct their focus safely towards expansion and strategic pursuits. BDO stands out in this domain, delivering premium information security services tailored to client needs, whether as specific project-based interventions or comprehensive outsourced solutions. We engage closely with our clientele, architecting a cybersecurity framework tailored to your unique requirements, irrespective of organisational scale.

Managed detection and response:

  • Access: Guaranteeing your organisation's security through 24/7, 365-day monitoring and surveillance
  • Notification: Proactively alerting you of emerging or potential threats, ensuring you are always a step ahead
  • Response: Implementing immediate and effective containment strategies to neutralise security incidents.

Managed vulnerability management:

  • Weakness identification: Spotting vulnerabilities spanning configuration flaws, third-party application issues and hardware compromises
  • Notification: Delivering comprehensive alerts on vulnerabilities detected via automated and manual evaluations, prioritising those that can be exploited
  • Response: Assisting and guiding the remediation journey, proactively addressing and mitigating risks.

Managed attack simulation:

Our targeted cyber-attack simulations serve a dual purpose: assessing the robustness of your cyber defences and providing insights to bolster cyber readiness. Furthermore, we offer adaptive automated testing tailored to align with your organisation's specific security protocols and policies.

Managed risk assessment:

The BDO cybersecurity assessment (CSA) amalgamates automated analyses with hands-on evaluations, shedding light on potential vulnerabilities within your hybrid IT infrastructure. The CSA is a diagnostic tool that swiftly gauges your cybersecurity posture and facilitates a data-driven blueprint for enhancing security measures.

BDO's specialised managed security services synergise seamlessly with your internal IT units, embedding a holistic security programme enriched with state-of-the-art tools and avant-garde expertise. With BDO at the helm, companies can navigate the digital realm securely and confidently. We have the expertise to assist you with malware detection, firewalls, internet security and network traffic analysis to prevent attacks via botnets and ransomware. 

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