• Tax Value Creator™

Tax Value Creator™

Our leading practice platform to manage tax combines tax function and operating model design, technology, compliance delivery, governance, reporting and transparency into a fully automated solution to help you understand and meet the challenges of the tax landscape head-on.

The Tax Value Creator™ can:

  • Develop and align a tax strategy to your business
  • Accelerate the benefits of tax technology or fully automate your tax function with full integration with your existing Microsoft Office environment
  • Reduce costs and help your organisation create tax value
  • Instill robust governance processes
  • Leading practice real-time management of tax risk
  • Manual intervention required to gather and prepare data is eliminated and full tax data transparency facilitated
  • Automate your compliance deliverables to gain comfort that you are compliant across all taxes
  • Automate your tax reporting and disclosures
  • Manage the impact or unlock the benefits of country by country reporting
  • Transform, modernise and fully integrate tax with finance, enterprise risk management and internal audit
  • Provide assurance on tax to your board, audit committees and other stakeholders
  • Build trust and enhance transparency and tax reporting

Tax Value Creator™ powered by Vena Solutions is a universal platform capable of fully automating your regulatory reporting, finance and tax value chains and deliverables.

Let BDO’s Tax Value Creator™ help you manage your company’s tax with the latest in Tax Technology.


  • Fully automated tax risk management
  • Tax calculation engine
  • Automated compliance
  • Reporting and disclosure

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