Total Tax Liability Transparency, Reporting and Disclosure

Tax transparency requires a focus on clarity and a broader look at tax strategy, risk management and the wider impact of all taxes. We help you to identify your stakeholders for tax and explore the specifics of their interest in your tax disclosures, the approach that you should take and articulate your tax transparency or consider what disclosures would help to create tax value for your business.

What is your Total Tax Liability, in addition to corporation tax? Companies pay many other taxes in addition to corporation tax but often there is little visibility over the other taxes borne or collected. Taxes and other contributions to governments that companies pay are an important Corporate Social Responsibility contribution to the creation of prosperity in societies in which companies operate. Our Tax Value Creator™ provides an automated approach and methodology, which is supported by a technology platform for organisations to measure, report and communicate the Total Tax Liability that they pay. We can help you to identify, manage, extract, analyse, report and communicate your Total Tax Liability.